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Digital Money for the Next Millenium


Backed by the Power of the Sun



SunElectrum turns sunshine into digital money. SunElectrum modules measure power output from solar panels, and create digital currency called sundivis for solar power producers. When your solar panel produces enough watt-hours, your SunElectrum module makes a sundivi – a dividend from the sun.

When the SunElectrum network opens to the public, anyone will be able to use sundivis over the Internet, at participating businesses, or face to face between individuals. You need solar panels to make new sundivis, but you’ll be able to make and receive payments using SunElectrum digital money without having to create sundivis yourself. All it takes is a SunElectrum-compatible digital wallet on your phone, your computer, or your cryptocurrency hardware device, to complete sundivi transactions. SunElectrum credit and debit cards are coming too. When SunElectrum is fully operational, you’ll be able to spend your sundivis almost anywhere.

How It Works

SunElectrum modules make sundivis

Solar power output is measured by SunElectrum modules attached to your solar panels. The more solar electricity you produce, the more digital money you make. Every SunElectrum module has a unique signature based on Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) technology. PUF is the most advanced hardware verification mechanism in existence, and SunElectrum is the only virtual currency system in the world that uses it. This patent-pending system ensures that only a real solar panel generating electricity can make a sundivi. Sundivis can’t be counterfeited by fake modules or malicious software. 

New digital money is sent to your SunElectrum-compatible wallet

Your SunElectrum modules connect over the Internet to the SunElectrum network, and deposit the newly created sundivis in your digital wallet. SunElectrum solar stations are interconnected to form a mesh network. The network verifies your SunElectrum module’s PUF signature to confirm that the new digital money is the real thing. This is how the SunElectrum system guarantees that every sundivi is truly a dividend from the sun.

The SunElectrum network processes transactions securely and efficiently

Sundivis are exchanged on the SunElectrum blockchain. Blockchain technology started with Bitcoin, SunElectrum’s ancestor in the digital currency world. The blockchain networks used by Bitcoin and most other digital currencies rely on a system called Proof of Work to ensure transaction security. Proof of Work is a robust security system, but it’s energy-intensive by design.

SunElectrum turns that wasteful model upside down. The PUF signatures of SunElectrum modules are the foundation for secure sundivi transactions on the SunElectrum blockchain, so SunElectrum transactions are secured by the process of generating clean power. This energy-efficient, scalable, next generation blockchain security system is called Proof of Watts.